Team Stuff

  1. Are there age requirements for joining Tribal Snow Academy?No, As long as you are over the age of 16 with parental consent, or above the age of 18 you may join our academy for either short-term or full-season package.
  2. What is the average age of Tribal Members?Although our average Tribal member age is 23. Our team in 2003-2004 consisted of 10-49 year old skiers. (who were rippin it up no matter the age! …GIVER!)
  3. What is the Girl/Boy Ratio?On average the Girl/Boy ratio is 4(girls)/6(boys) As the Girls freeride movement is starting to strengthen, we are able to accomodate any number of girls this season.
  4. Is there a Tribal Snow Academy headquarters?Yes, our Tribal Snow Academy headquarters is located right in the heart of the Whistler Village! Please refer to Contact.
  5. Do Tribal Snow Academy Members get any benefits in Whistler?During your membership, you will get meal deals at many participating restaurants, ridiculous epuipment tuneup prices (1/2 price!), 1/2 price TMC brand apparel, discounted ski equipment (anywhere from 20-60% off!)
  6. Are competitions included in the membership fees?Competition fees are not included as each competition charges its own different fees. Please contact the Tribal’s headquarters for information on compmpetition fees for members. The Hotel is usually booked for the group and fees are divided evenly through the participating members of the competition.
  7. Who will be my coach?On any given session, you will have the opportunity to choose not only your coach but what type of skiing you would like to do for that session. Some days we do group powder sessions on big dumps of snow through the trees and in the back country. Usual Tribal training sessions have 2-3 coaches from different genres of skiing, and coaches rotate all through out the season.