Skier Careers

  1. Do you offer liscenses for becoming a freeride coach?Yes we have the ability to enroll you in many various certification programs for skiing. CFSA Level 1-3, Trampoline Certification Level 1-2, CSIA Level 1-4, and Avalanche Standard Training and First Aid courses. Many of these certifications are respected internationally.
  2. Can you help me find sponsors?TMC is the 1st mogul &amp freeride pro shop in North America. We have the ability to refer prospective athletes to the biggest names in skiing. A number of our Tribal members from the past have recieved corporate sponsorship as well as ski sponsors. We are always glad to see our Tribal members getting something out of their hard work on the slopes, so we will do our best in pairing you with interested sponsors. Who knows? you may become a TMC rider after your full season with us!
  3. How can I become a pro skier?Most people are naive to the fact of becoming a pro skier… For full-season athletes we will have seminars at our headquarters with guest speakers who are pro skier. There are many skiers who want to become proffessional skiers, but we will show you the way how we personally got to be pros!