1. Is there a Application Deadline?As long as you fill in the online form 1 week in advance for shortterm members, and 3 weeks in advance for Full Season from when you want to join, there is no problem to enroll you in our program. We do however need a 1 page essay describing your future goals and aspirations, and what you would like to do with you skiing career.
  2. If I decide to cancel last minute, Is there a refund policy?Yes, there is a very fair Refund Policy. Please refer to Refund Policy.
  3. How can I pay my Membership Fees?We accept checks, cash by bank transfer, credit cards and online transactions from our secure Paypal page. We require a non-refundable application fee of $100 for full-time and short-term applicants.
  4. Can applicants be denied from joining the team?Most likely not, but It is possible, if the applicant does not intend to be a positive and cooperative member of the team . OR, If you disrespect the director, affiliates, sponsors or members of the team you may get kicked out, but most likely we will turn you down in application.