Skier’s Level

Tribal team consists of skiers from many different levels, and all levels from Intermediete to Expert, and Amateur/Pro are welcome. Tribal can create a training scenario that caters to all levels and genres of Freeride and Freestyle skiing.

Statistics of skiers home country shows significant popularity in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea. However, the growth of our sport has sky rocketed in European countries and South America as well. Tribal Snow academy is a perfect program to enhance communication skills, and learn many languages from your team mates too!

The team gender chart shows the ratio of Boys and Girls on the team.


  1. Is there a Application Deadline?As long as you fill in the online form 1 week in advance for shortterm members, and 3 weeks in advance for Full Season from when you want to join, there is no problem to enroll you in our program. We do however need a 1 page essay describing your future goals and aspirations, and what you would like to do with you skiing career.
  2. If I decide to cancel last minute, Is there a refund policy?Yes, there is a very fair Refund Policy. Please refer to Refund Policy.
  3. How can I pay my Membership Fees?We accept checks, cash by bank transfer, credit cards and online transactions from our secure Paypal page. We require a non-refundable application fee of $100 for full-time and short-term applicants.
  4. Can applicants be denied from joining the team?Most likely not, but It is possible, if the applicant does not intend to be a positive and cooperative member of the team . OR, If you disrespect the director, affiliates, sponsors or members of the team you may get kicked out, but most likely we will turn you down in application.


Jung Hwa Seo

Tribal Camper 2009
2010 Olympic Moguls Competitor/ 2014 Sochi Olympic Competitor

Jung Hwa Seo's headshotAs a Tribal member, I was able to experience various different feelings melted into snow at Whistler. Words such as awesome, fantastic and amazing are not enough to express these great memories from the Tribal camp! My suggestion is to keep skiing with passion and enjoy the thrill within the Tribal team and “our” Yosuke. haha Y..E..A..H.. everybody!

Katherine Leask

Tribal Member 2006
Aspirations: to become sponsored this year!

Katherine Leask's headshotloved doing Tribal, it was an amazing experience… I just learnt so much from it both physically and mentally. Im going to be honest, it was hard at times for sure… but then that happens to everyone… I read an article… ‘A mental block can be one of the toughest obstacles to overcome: they’re detrimental to performance, mole hills into mountains kind of stuff.” – Simon Guthrie. Its so true and happened to me… in fact it bothered me so much they allowed me to pause my course for a while which was wonderful… but it was in returning to Tribal after those hard times that brought me through it… along with perserverance and of course being with people that were just so stoked everyday!! The team is what made it for me, skiing with a group where everyone’s trying new stuff… you cant help but have fun… everyone’s inspirational individually and so coming up with new ways to play with a feature, you’re learning something new every moment of the day… and having such a laugh too… usually at someone elses expense! The coaches were cool, they listened to us and knew how to spread out the day to our full advantage… we skiied most of the time in the various parks over on Blackcomb branching out to big mountain skiing when there was a powder day of course! It meant we got to progress in all aspects of skiing. The most fun I had was during my last week, it was spring skiing and I had overcome that mental block… plus the snow was soft so didnt hurt as much and I was attempting tricks I had never dreamed of trying before… in fact I was so stoked and livid that it all had to come to an end I headed off to New Zealand to continue my conquest of learning to ski park!! Thank you guys for everything, you really listened to me and did everything you could to help me get the most out of the course… therefore I will be seeing you very soon indeed for some more pow pow… Yeeooooooooooooooooooooo!! Katie

Shuri Terada- Pro skier Armada/ Fis World Cup Competitor

Tribal Member 2001-2002

1. Funnest Tribal Experience? everyone’s stoke on the team. Everyone was rooting for each other to succeed. It’s hard not to succeed when you’ve got like minded skiers in your group.
2. What’s the future of Girls free skiing? Girls are just getting really good these days and that gets me excited. Spinning in the pipe, 3d tricks, and a whole lot of progress. Popularity is definitely increasing in Japan, and overseas.
3. What have the benefits been in joining the program?
Encounters with people. I met many people and more than ever, there are many nice skiers.. I want to be like those riders who inspire other skiers to start freeride.
4. Life in Canada.
I lived with a host family who introduced me to my many canadian friends. Lived and babysat so i learned lots of english. Whistler also has a nice transitsystem, shopping and gym, cafes, you name it.

Ashleigh Low

Tribal Member 2005-2006

Ashleigh Low's headshot

I think that Tribal was good! Since i joined you guys in the spring, I spent most of the time in the park, which was awesome, team mates were rad!!! It was nice to have someone there pushing you and giving you ideas on new tricks to try and having them there to be stoked with you when you stomped something new. During Tribal I learned that when you stay positive and have fun you learn a lot more and land more tricks, than if you get really stressed about it. The Coaches were great! they really know their stuff. haha i’m just pissed that i won’t see you guys til spring break or telus! Thanks for everything yosuke!

Kiyoshi Terada -Pro skier /Fis World Cup Competitor

Tribal Member 2002-2003
Pro skier – Japan Circuit

1. What was your level before starting Tribal Ski Academy? I could do 180′s barely, fell lots on boxes with painful falls on thinner rails! Painful!
2. What brought you to the free ride?
Watching THE GAME in high school . It made me wanna fly through the air and do all those maneuvoures
3. Tricks you learned while participating in the program?
Of course, my favourite…D-spins!! I started free ride skiing just to learn this trick! They taught me the science of these tricks. Thanks to learning 540′s in the first few sessions, i then went on to d-spin 720s and then 900 bio-corks in the same day!
4. What are your Future Dreams?
X-GAME, US OPEN and I want to be an invited pro rider to these events, I am going to continue to go forward as long as I keep keen on the sport and as long as it is fun!

Jackie Hiroyuki Nishio

Tribal Member 2001-2002
Mighty Jamming Dirctor, Producer & Filmer

Jackie Hiroyuki Nishio's headshotThe days at Tribal were the epitimy of Freeride. Yosuke, Chris Turpin, Mark Abma, Justin, Myles Ricketts, Marc Mcdonnel (blackcomb team head coach)… Skiing among all these legends on the snow,, enabled me to decide to take Freeride skiing as a career. weither riding, knowledge ot soul..I learned a great deal. And my experience living and riding Whistler has really been a really important aspect in my life and my skiing. What I am, and what I am doing now are reflected upon my joining Tribal. Realizing the true FUN of skiing amongstfriends(team mates). the importance of Freedom. Because there are Friends, I am always seeking to find more Friends!

Takanori Shibabuki / Fis World Cup Competitor

Tribal Member 2005-2007
Mogul & Freeride Athlete

Jackie Takanori Shibabuki's headshotAt first, I couldnt ski. but with the help of my teammates and coaches, I got a lot of confidence. I tried new tricks, and with practice I was all of a sudden able to do it. My teammates were always getting better, and that pushed me to go higher, or ski harder. With out them I would not have been able to improve this much. I have so much fun skiing with Everyone! I forget the pointless things when Im skiing, I get engulfed into learning and having fun with the coaches and teammates! I think Im improving because Im having Fun!

Tribal Snow Academy Alumni:

Yoshifumi mizobuchi -japan (Hokkaido Armada rider)
takanori Shibabuki -japan (FIS World Cup Compeittor)
Naotoshi Ozawa -japan(Pro Skier)
satoko hirano -japan
miki imamura -japan
takuya  -japan
Nero Yoshiko Sato -japan
atsushi Sogame -japan
Declan foody – UK
Fergus foody- UK
Kiyoshi Terada -japan (Fis World Cup Competitor)
Shuri Terada -japan(Fis World Cup Competitor)
Max Oscroft - UK
Jae Woo Choi – Korea (Sochi Olympic Athlete)
Woo-hyun cho – Korea(Sochi Olympic Athlete)
katherine Leask- UK
Jun Michimuko -japan
Keita Hiroshima -japan (Japan National Mogul Team)
Tadashi Akutsu  -japan (Fis World Cup Competitor)
shunichiro Narita -japan
Lorna Carmichael- UK
shinichiro Ishii  -japan
Masa aoki -japan
Jung Won Shin – Korea
chung bum ku – Korea(Korean National Team Coach/ Fis world Cup)
Tae il Kim – Korea(Korean National Team Coach)
Jackie Nishio- japan
Naoko Matsubara- japan
Yuta Matsunaga- japan
Yuki Ueda- japan
Kazunari Hattori- japan
Yumi Koyama- japan (Fis World Cup Competitor)

Yuta Nozawa- japan

lee sung hyung – Korea
Tomohiro arai- japan
Eddie Hicks – canada (Canadian Freestyle ski team/World Cup)
Keltie Hicks – canada
Daisuke Kobayashi – japan
Sayuri Yoneya – japan
Kayo Shichita – japan ( Japan Freeride Writer)
Myong jun seo – Korea(Korean National Freetyle team)
Keichi Furukawa – japan
yoshie Kawamura- japan
Ko Yoshida – Japan
In Seung Woon – Korea
Jean Luc Azzis – France
yoo chang han – Korea
Tomomi Mitani- japan
Shusuke Maeda- japan
Michael Leake – Australia
Kazumi Takaku – Japan
Jung-hwa kim – Korea
Bump Kim – Korea
Rhys Nadin – UK
Nikolas Spence – Canada
Sho Imamura – Japan
mitsuhiro shionoya- japan
mitsuhiko akiyama – japan
Hideki shimane – japan
jee won kim – korea (korean Jr National Team)
gee chan woo-korea(Korean Jr National Team)
shoko yoshida – japan
Robert chaunt – uk
Hiroshi suzuki – japan
Hiro kobayashi - japan
Yoshie Kawamura – japan
Boss Kim – Korea
David Leon – south Africa
min soo kim – korea
Gordon Soutar – Uk
Toshiki numakura – Japan (Japan Freeski Competitor)



  1. If i live at the dorm, where is it located and how do i get to the Mountain/Tribal Academy? Tribal offers 3 locations for dorms and accomodation. All are custom built luxury log homes(pic above). 2 are located in Whistler Cay Heights a mere 8 min walking distance to the Tribal Academy headquarters and both WHISTLER-BLACKCOMB mountain lifts/gondolas. The other dorm is located in Alpine meadows which is a short 10 min Busride to and from the doorstep of the gondola station.
  2. How do I find accomodation in Whistler?Finding Accomodation in Whistler is not a problem! We have a Tribal Team Dormitory which sleeps upwards of 10-15 people, and if that gets filled up, we have spare rooms in our other houses, or homestays are available with local residents.
  3. I would like to home stay, is that available?Yes we can refer you to homestay with a Canadian family, or share accomodation with a Local.

Team Stuff

  1. Are there age requirements for joining Tribal Snow Academy?No, As long as you are over the age of 16 with parental consent, or above the age of 18 you may join our academy for either short-term or full-season package.
  2. What is the average age of Tribal Members?Although our average Tribal member age is 23. Our team in 2003-2004 consisted of 10-49 year old skiers. (who were rippin it up no matter the age! …GIVER!)
  3. What is the Girl/Boy Ratio?On average the Girl/Boy ratio is 4(girls)/6(boys) As the Girls freeride movement is starting to strengthen, we are able to accomodate any number of girls this season.
  4. Is there a Tribal Snow Academy headquarters?Yes, our Tribal Snow Academy headquarters is located right in the heart of the Whistler Village! Please refer to Contact.
  5. Do Tribal Snow Academy Members get any benefits in Whistler?During your membership, you will get meal deals at many participating restaurants, ridiculous epuipment tuneup prices (1/2 price!), 1/2 price TMC brand apparel, discounted ski equipment (anywhere from 20-60% off!)
  6. Are competitions included in the membership fees?Competition fees are not included as each competition charges its own different fees. Please contact the Tribal’s headquarters for information on compmpetition fees for members. The Hotel is usually booked for the group and fees are divided evenly through the participating members of the competition.
  7. Who will be my coach?On any given session, you will have the opportunity to choose not only your coach but what type of skiing you would like to do for that session. Some days we do group powder sessions on big dumps of snow through the trees and in the back country. Usual Tribal training sessions have 2-3 coaches from different genres of skiing, and coaches rotate all through out the season.


  1. Do I need Insurance?Yes, skier who choose to join the team must have a valid medical/travel insurance policy for their entire training and skiing period. Skiers without valid insurance will not be permitted to join the team until they can provide proof of valid medical insurance.
  2. What happens if I get injured?Injuries are treated immediately by the mountain patrol, the coach for the day will stop the session and send out for a patrol as soon as the incident takes place. The mountain has a very fast and safe response for injuries, and you will be assured quick access to the Whistler medical clinic via tabogan or Team Van. The session will start back up as soon as the injured member is safely taken care of. Safety is number one priority of the team.

Sponsors & Links

Affiliates & Sponsors:



Kiyoshi Terada

Yuta Matsunaga

Tadashi “Pic” Akutsu

Skier Careers

  1. Do you offer liscenses for becoming a freeride coach?Yes we have the ability to enroll you in many various certification programs for skiing. CFSA Level 1-3, Trampoline Certification Level 1-2, CSIA Level 1-4, and Avalanche Standard Training and First Aid courses. Many of these certifications are respected internationally.
  2. Can you help me find sponsors?TMC is the 1st mogul &amp freeride pro shop in North America. We have the ability to refer prospective athletes to the biggest names in skiing. A number of our Tribal members from the past have recieved corporate sponsorship as well as ski sponsors. We are always glad to see our Tribal members getting something out of their hard work on the slopes, so we will do our best in pairing you with interested sponsors. Who knows? you may become a TMC rider after your full season with us!
  3. How can I become a pro skier?Most people are naive to the fact of becoming a pro skier… For full-season athletes we will have seminars at our headquarters with guest speakers who are pro skier. There are many skiers who want to become proffessional skiers, but we will show you the way how we personally got to be pros!

Agents & Recruit

PR ROOM / Agents /Reprentatives

Tribal is always welcoming Agents, Representatives, and Recruit possibilities in all domestic and international markets. We have a proven program that has culminated with 15 years of successful operation, This product is something we believe in and have strived each year to make better and better. Our successful Alumni are thriving proof of the Tribal Snow Academy programs.

If you are a Tour agent, School, Shop, or Activity Booking agency with a public location, we would be more than happy to send you out our program catalogues and excellent commision rates. If you run a snow sports website, Travel & study abroad website, sports agency website, school website, or any web related marketing and recruiting systems… please contact our Web Recruiting department at for excellent and competitive commission rates.