Whistler is not merely a resort, it is a community founded by dreams and aspirations. Whistler is a town created by the people who dreamt to live in the mountains and has become a “melting pot” of international diversity. There is a bond in people who share the same interests. At, Tribal we hope you can come to see and feel the awe-inspiring mountains, the warmth of canadians as they greet you in the village, and the calm of nature as you ski the Pacific northwest Coastal mountains.

Whistler was the main venue for all the snow sliding sports at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and with a prominent presence by the world’s eyes last winter, Whistler’s name has been set in stone, becoming synonimous as one of the top ski resorts in the World.

Tribal Snow Academy’s founding director and family have been one of the pioneers in the development of the resort.  in the late 1970′s , Toshi Hamazaki (director’s father) established the International Heli-Ski School into Whistler as a veteran ski guide/ patrol / and Instructor, and later introduced the Japanese Tourist industry to Whistler.


The History of Tribal Snow Academy…

Tribal was a concept that was dreamt up over the course of many years operating TMC FREERIDERZ PRO SHOP (North America’s 1st Mogul & Freeride Pro Shop – Est1994) and being the son of a pioneer heli skiing company president, ski patrol, and pro ski instructor… Toshi Hamazaki. Thinking “wouldn’t it be awesome to have a fully equiped Development Team” for our new sport to teach kids the fundamentals, I gathered up the best local skiers in the area who happened to be some of the world’s best skiers… Chris Turpin, Rex Thomas, Myles Ricketts, Dana Flahr, Oakley White-Allen, Ryan Mckeeman, Marc Amba… just to name a few, and set out on establishing the team in 2000. We started off with 10 members who Lived & Breathed skiing… After getting feedback and watching the improvment in these individuals… We knew it was going to be a success!

The Name

The Tribal name came from the ever prominent fact that we are a family… no matter what. The coaches are like brothers, in turn who coach their younger sibling (sometimes older)… and so forth. As a freeride/mogul coach with the Blackcomb Freestyle Ski Club, I sponged loads of coaching knowledge from the local kids on the team and many fellow coaches, Marc Mcdonell, Mike Douglas, and Brett Wood of whom I am ever grateful…

Toshi Hamazaki – A Whistler Mountain Life…RIP 1941-2015 from Yoski ham on Vimeo.

The Game

After a few years of steady flow through our programs, we sought for a new side to our program… creating a group for aspiring pros. This group consisted of skiers of various ages with a common goal… to become a proffessional skier… Either video, media, coaching & intsructing, sales rep, or competition… we wanted to see our team members create a career from skiing. We started sending our kids to regional competitions culminating top medals in freestyle skiing… We also tested our hard work at WSSF, and various high calliber comps. In 2006, Kiyoshi Terada who started freeride skiing with Tribal Snow Academy in 2001, launched himself to pro with a sweep through qualifiers, semi-finals, and into super finals at 2006 WSSF Super Pipe and glistened as top 12 in the world.

The Fame

We are very into promoting our team members who are in our team to follow their dreams and take themselves a step further… With many connections through our Shop, we hope to provide sponsorship from our brand TMC, and manage sponsor deals from various other companies… The future is bright for Tribal…


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Toshi Hamazaki – A Whistler Mountain Life…RIP 1941-2015 from Yoski ham on Vimeo.

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